Some (long overdue) site updates
-- Mon 04 January 2021

Hello, hello... it's been about a year since SocialHub launched. This has been a successful community-run resource for discussing ActivityPub development and its future.

Since that time, a number of updates have been requested and suggested of this site. After significant delays (sorry), the frontpage of now better reflects the community-hosted resources where ActivityPub-oriented advancement and development have been happening. In particular, the link to the test suite, which has been down for ages (yes, sorry, we know), now instead points to the most excellent Massive thank you to cj of go-fed for providing this excellent and much-needed resource.

ActivityPub has come a long way since the days when this website first launched... at that time, the primary focus of this website was advocacy for the hope that ActivityPub would become a W3C-recommended standard. We're well past those days now... the ActivityPub community is a flourishing one, with many implementations and more interest and users than ever. Today's update makes a few small updates to better reflect such changing reality, and we hope to do so more moving forward. At the same time, we're also happy that this website had to be updated to point to many external, community-oriented resources... a sign of a healthy community. May the future of ActivityPub be as bright as its present!