Let us meet on SocialHub!
-- Thu 26 December 2019

In case you missed the latest and hottest in the ActivityPub community, for a few months we have revived the SocialHub where developers, implementors, and anyone interested in the present and future of the W3C Recommendation gather, discuss issues, and collaborate with a kind and cooperative spirit to bring forth the best of what our collective intelligence can invent.

The new SocialHub, like the previous one we had to abandon, runs Discourse, a forum software that can be used via email, but shines on the web, and is about to implement ActivityPub support!

If you are implementing ActivityPub-compatible software, you're very welcome to settle home on the SocialHub to give your project visibility and point potential contributors to your own community's online resources (repositories, blog, forum, etc.). You can even use a subcategory dedicated to your software implementation to discuss ActivityPub-specific details with other developers for interoperability with your software.

Non-technical people are also welcome! There's a lot to discuss, study, and invent in the growing Fediverse that has no equivalent in the surveillance capitalist counter-part that we're escaping from. Our #Fediversity welcomes researchers, social scientists, journalists, and collectives interested in adopting ActivityPub for their own needs.

We're also discussing how to make this site more useful for the world. Keep your eyes peeled!

You may leave comments to this article on the SocialHub!